Lowel Stands & Mounts De-Mystified

Stands & Mounts perform the same duty, they are both there to physically support the lighting fixture. Seems simple enough, right? Maybe at first glance, but when you suddenly need to get the light fixture way up high, or suddenly need to place it somewhere in the middle of the shot without being seen by the camera, you have a challenge in front of you. 

In the world of lighting for professional imaging, its important to remember that you are rendering a 3 dimensional world into a 2 dimensional viewing screen. Placement & control of your lighting equipment can often be the key to creating a sense of depth and drama in a shot.
Most run & gun shooters are used to putting a few lights up on stands in the classic 3/4 positions & starting to shoot. If you are in a hurry, you may have no other choice. But remember that old axiom: half of anything you do on a job contributes toward getting the next job. Taking a little extra time to creatively place your lighting can give you a more attractive image & help make you the person that gets the call next time.

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